We have such a wonderful public school system here in Howard County, but unfortunately it does not support all of our students to its fullest capacity.  I will continue working to support students with diagnosed learning challenges, those from lower income and immigrant backgrounds who don't have the same opportunity, as well as to stop the school to prison pipeline.  Schools have much more than math and English to teach, they are also on the front lines of mental health for our students and we need to recognize and support those needs and efforts.



As a small business owner, I understand the hardships we have all faced both in the past year because of Covid restrictions but overall due to a fluctuating economy.  I will work to make sure that business owners have what they need to succeed and employees not only find jobs but earn enough to live in this County  with support such as paid sick leave.  Employees also need support as people, not just workers - making sure they have adequate health care including mental health care regardless of income level.




Route 1 runs through District 13 and has long been an eye sore for all of us.  From the backed up traffic to less than savory businesses that line this vital corridor, we need to support smart development to increase public transportation (decreasing the cars crowding the road) and provide residences and businesses that reflect our diverse community and add to the options available as residents.